Why wooden products are worth choosing?

  • Wood respires and has positive influence on regulation of humidity. Wood absorbs some moisture of a room in case of excess and returns it in case of lack.
  • Woodwork has finest look and creates prestige.
  • It is ecological material.
  • Woodwork is less expensive than plastic-work if we compare two products of similar features and appearance. A plastic window, of similar stiffness, e.g. 6-chamber, of wooden-line veneer, will probably be more expensive than a wooden window.
  • Simple construction process for unusual shapes. Wood can be simply processed so is more convenient for unusual woodworks.
  • All damages can be easily repaired.
  • Wood has been used for centuries.
  • It is very durable material.
  • Wood is stiff and stable. It is important for e.g. large windows.
  • Good for elements of restaurants at old places.
  • Wood is warm thanks to good thermal insulating power.
  • Plastic are more susceptible to be deform due to temperature changes.
  • As it is natural material, it has positive influence on people's well-being.
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We operate in Opole province, Slaskie, Dolnoslaskie and the Lodzkie. Our range covers among other things, Opole, Krapkowice, Glucholazy, Prudnik Strzelce Opole, Kedzierzyn Kozle, Gogolin, Nysa, Niemodlin, Ozimek and many other cities.

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tel./fax: (77) 421 21 68, tel.kom.: 604 187 075